Winter Haikus from a train car
- a collection of haikus written on the train between Ottawa and Toronto (Dec. 23, 2000)

Souls of flowers wait
Spring brings new blossoms to life
Each new petal sighs

Stark trees in winter
Statues with arms to the sky
Cut down one by one

Winter cottages
Blankets of snow on rooftops
No talk of summer

Train trip in winter
Endless tracts of countryside
watch me in window

Apartment buildings
Unconnected lives so near
Locked behind each door (chicken coop heaven)

Leafless trees stand still
Autumn stole each leaf by leaf
Winter's sleeping pill

Broken farm fences
Cows sojourn in winter barns
Lonely snowy fields

Silver silos shine
Bright winter sun but no warmth
Simple reflection

Snowy evergreens
Alone in winter fields
Lacking Christmas lights

Winter treasure chest
Shiny diamonds in snow gusts
Glitter then vanish

by Peter Forrest