Peeling an Orange on Kilimanjaro

Seeking shelter from harsh winter storms
while eating an orange,
peels dropping clumsily into the falling snow
split it juicily in-half
an idea sprang to mind
fled to the airport with an orange in my pocket
dreamt of far-away warm and dreamy Edens
got a ticket to Africa, felt a driving rhythm of escape

take-off was too smooth,
soon a companion to the clouds
icicles on plane’s wings, felt uneasy
one too many scotches,
fell into a rumbling cradle-like sleep
awoke to confusion, screaming, loud booming
plane crash on Christmas day
pulled out of the wreckage by some good Santa-like Samaritan

crashed into Mount Kilimanjaro, so towering, awe induced vision,
but so damn cold, AGAIN!
trapped on this icy mountain near the Equator
laid back in the snow, out of breath
ah, but the sights around me, a beauty far and wide
visible from within this eternal harsh winter in the high atmosphere,
I could see life more clearly,
then I felt a bulge in my pocket,

the forgotten orange, I took it out and peeled it,
and ate an orange on the cold slopes of Kilimanjaro.

by Peter Forrest

This poem was inspired by seeing orange peels in the snow during a cold Canadian winter.